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New law FAQs: Workers’ compensation coverage for employees who contract COVID-19 

What does the new law do? 

PDF icon FAQ- Covid-19- Workers' Comp

Effective Wednesday, April 8, 2020, a new law states that certain employees who contract COVID-19 are presumed to have an occupational disease covered by the Minnesota workers’ compensation law. This is a summary of the law.

PDF icon Covid-19 Workers' Comp Law

This law is effective for employees who contract COVID-19 on or after the day following final enactment and sunsets May 1, 2021.


PDF icon Executive Order 20-54

"Protecting Workers from Unsafe Working Conditions and Retaliation During the COVID-19 Peacetime Emergency"

AFSCME local 1092 leaders had a meeting with employer 11/9/20 regarding our Unions concerns on security counselors (SC) working on Chi/Delta units. Management was questioned why only the A-team SC staff have been provided with the same PPE equipment including N95 masks as the MSOP nurses. Provided equipment should be the same as the MSOP nurses for ALL SC staff who work those units. MSOP management reported that the Senior Management team in St. Paul has the authority to direct that. The names were provided below for who holds authority per MSOP management.

AFSCME Local 1092 is requesting ALL STAFF to contact the appropriate people. Please make calls AND/OR send emails to ask for support to "Protect Workers from Unsafe working conditions."



Connie Jones: DHS St Paul

[email protected]


Melissa Gresczyk

[email protected]


Nominations for Delegates to the Contract Negotiation Assembly are now open and will be closed at the November membership meeting.  

Contract campaign activities may include (but not limited to) flyer distribution, campaign buttons, informational picketing, rallies, picnics, and communication within community groups, membership (including one-on-one communcations) and PEOPLE recruitment, talking to legislators and asking others to get involved.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities of Negotiations Delegates:

1. Attend Negotiation Assembly meetings; training will be provided at the assembly that delegates ar required to attend. This training will include message and workplace communications.
2. Deliberate and decide within the unit caucuses which proposals will move forward to the Master team.
3. Elect the Master Team out of the bargaining unit caucuses.
4. Attend other assembly meetings as required by the Master Team, including those where the assembly authorizes acceptance or rejections of agreements.
5. Delegates are the communication link in the workplace.  Distribute informational flyers in person to union members and workplace contacts and participate in any and all contract campaign activities.
6. Attend local union meetings to report on activities/conversations with co-workers regarding contract campaign activities.

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