Local 1092

Welcome to the new local 1092 website.  Look around and checkout some of our features.  Under the resources tab you will find a new feature our local leadership wants to try out.  It is a labor management suggestion box. If you have ideas or issues that should be brought up to our local labor managment meetings please fill out the form.  There are some meeting minutes posted and if the local hasn't approved them at a membership meeting it will be in draft form.  

Stewards we have some digital resources for you as well, check it out. 

Lobby weeks are scheduled and in the events calendar.  If you are interested in learning more about it or interested in signing up for one for the weeks contact a member of the executive board.  The first week is 3/2-3/6 and the second week is 3/30-4/2.  

Day on the Hill 2020 is March 31st at the St. Paul River Center.  There will be buses from Duluth and Virginia for the day.  Please contact a member of the executive board to sign up.  Children are welcome to attend.  Box lunch will be provided.  

State Employee Policy Committee Spring Conference has been Scheduled for 5/1/2020.  Nominations/Elections for delegates will be held at the February General Membership meeting. 

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